Emerald Lawns Protect Orphanage ‘lar Maria De Lourdes’ in Brazil With In2Care Traps

Emerald Lawns protect Orphanage in Brazil

While the Aedes mosquito is irritating and a slight risk in most states in the US, it causes much more harm globally. Emerald Lawns saw an opportunity to protect their customers in Texas and at the same time help fund mosquito protection in Brazil. “Today, Brazil has the greatest number of Dengue cases in the world,” says Kristen Parkhurst, marketing director Emerald Lawns and initiator of the project. “Knowing how effective In2Care is at combating the Aedes mosquito, we wanted to share the love.

By installing an In2Care trap in our customer's lawn, they are helping protect their home and children and residents from Lar Maria de Lourdes.” Lar Maria de Lourdes is a non-profit organization located in Taquara, Jacarepagua, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Registrations of the In2Care® Mosquito Trap in the Asia Pacific With Ensystex

Technical and Regulatory Manager of Ensystex

Together with Ensystex, In2Care is actively working on many registration applications of the In2Care® Mosquito Trap in Asia and the Pacific.

Laura Lollback, technical and regulatory manager of Ensystex, is responsible for these procedures together with her team. Laura has almost ten years of experience in international regulatory procedures for professional pest control products.

She is currently developing the required dossiers for the registration in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia. Her work is very much appreciated!

In Uganda, Several Housing Modifications, Including EaveTubes, Will Be Tested in PMI Study

Several Housing Modifications in Uganda

The Uganda Housing Modification study, funded by The U.S. President's Malaria Initiative (PMI), will test the effectiveness, feasibility, and acceptability of several housing modifications on malaria burden in Uganda. As part of a pilot study, 500 In2Care® EaveTubes have been installed in 20 traditional and 20 modern houses, from mid-February till the end of March. The results of the pilot will determine the set-up of a large-scale cluster-randomized trial.

In2Care provided the installation team with information and tools for smart installation tailored to the different house types. In the coming months, entomological data will be collected in the treated villages to determine the effectiveness of the modifications.

Big Turnout ‘selling More In2Care' Webinar Organized by Veseris

Selling More In2Care' Webinar Organized by Veseris

More than 550 PMPs attended In2Care's webinar on ‘selling more In2care’ organized by Veseris last month. Ted Worster and Harmke Klunder presented proven sales strategies that will enhance and grow mosquito control businesses. It was the second webinar given in a series of webinars still to come. In2Care is pleased to collaborate with Veseris since they have extensive expertise in product training through podcasts, advertisements, webinars, etc. Veseris's training and promotion opportunities are very well deployed, this In2Care webinar even had the highest number of participants until now.


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