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Giving Back Community Giveaway Official Rules


  • The Giving Back Community Drawing for FREE Mosquito Season

  • This is for the STATE OF MARYLAND ONLY

  • Qualifying Criteria for Nominees:

    • Active Duty Military or Veteran

    • Active Firefighter, EMS or Law Enforcement (City, Town, County or State level in Maryland)

    • Active Teacher in Public School System in MD

  • Existing customers cannot nominate themselves

  • All nominees MUST be notified of their nomination by nominator prior to being nominated

  • Nominees may nominate themselves (as long as they match the criteria for nominees)

  • Proof of status as a veteran, first responder or teacher IS MANDATORY to be eligible if your name is drawn

  • Deadlines for nominations are FINAL

  • Geographic Location and LOT size: nominee must be located within a 30 mile radius of Mosquito-Man office located at 1230 Cronson Blvd, Crofton, MD 21114, and the lot size is limited to ½ acre according to SDAT Real Property Data Search based on the address of the nominee

  • Nominations must come through MM landing page application




Additional Rules:


Up to 1/2 acre mosquito treatment of foliage in the yard


Up to 6 treatments depending on weather and timing. (May be less depending on timing and weather)


Treatments will be every 21-24 days weather dependent


Treatments DO NOT ROLL OVER to 2024, MUST  be used in 2023 season


Other restrictions may apply 

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