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Why Choose Us?

Best of Anne Arundel County

With over 12 years of experience, Mosquito-Man is trusted locally for our expertise in mosquito & tick control! Plus, we're proud to announce the addition of pest control solutions to further benefit our clients' pest-free lifestyles. As a family owned & operated company, we take pride in our work. We treat our customers' yards the way we treat ours so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

  • Licensed & Insured

  • Active Protection Solutions

  • Customer Service is our #1 Priority!

  • Synthetic & Natural Options

  • Clean, Customized Programs to Fit All Yards

  • Special Event "Day-Of" Treatments

  • All-In-One Solutions–Controlling Mosquitos, Ticks & Pests

Our Solutions

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Is your outdoor fun being hampered by mosquitoes, ticks & fleas? Do you notice unwanted pests in & around your home? Mosquito-Man can help take your yard & home back today! Plus, we offer a Referral Program to reward our loyal customers! Learn more about our residential, commercial & special events solutions and seasonal discounts. Call 443-221-6103 for a free estimate and get started today!

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Enjoy the outdoors again! Our trained technicians will treat your yard every 3 weeks to ensuring 24/7 protection. 

This all-inclusive treatment plan is a great option for worry-free protection & includes:

  • 9 Perimeter Protection Treatments

  • Tick Control

  • 2 IN2CARE Mosquito Traps (per 1/2 acre) serviced every 3 weeks

Ask about our Environmentally Conscious mosquito & tick solutions–including essential oils & the Mosquito Trap–to deal with those unwanted & dangerous insects. 

Did you know ticks can feed on their host for 15 days & can transmit diseases, such as Lyme Disease which can be devastating for your family? To help eliminate ticks & fleas, we utilize an effective blend of our barrier spray treatment & tick tubes.

Pests, like ants and roaches, are not only a nuisance, but can also cause harm to your structure, yard and health. Early pest control is important to prevent infestations which can make elimination more difficult and most costly. 

Mosquito Control Solutions
Wedding Venue

Hosting a Special Event?

If you are planning a party, a wedding, a backyard BBQ or a major event, don't forget to add Mosquito Man to your 'To Do' List! Nothing ruins that special day like mosquitoes. We can help make the day stress-free with Day-Of Treatment. Call for a Free Estimate Today!

Special Events

Mosquitoes & Pests 101

What you don't know, CAN hurt you! Mosquitoes, ticks & pests are a nuisance & can be dangerous to you, your family & pets.  Let Mosquito Man help you reduce your risk and take back your home & yard. Ask about our Total Solutions & stay protected yeararound.

Mosquitoes exist across the world, with the exception of Antarctica. More than 3,000 mosquito species have been identified in both the Arctic and subtropics. They are categorized into 39 different genera.

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Meet our Team

Owned & Operated by Kristi & John Rivers of Annapolis, MD, our goal is to help you "take your yard back." We enjoy the outdoors and want our clients, family & friends to be able to do so, too, without being "eaten alive" by biting insects.

Satisfied Customers

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"Mosquito Man gave us our backyard back! It's a miracle...we had mosquitoes all day from April to October. It was so bad we called our house "Mosquito Acres." Enter Mosquito Man. They send their guys out every 2-3 weeks (there are different options) and our yard is mosquito free all summer! great customer service - the mosquito sprayers even changed my wife's tire one day! Honestly, I can't say enough about Mosquito Man. If you have a mosquito problem, give them a call and GET YOUR YARD BACK!"

Dan W.

We have been extremely happy with Mosquito Man and their service. Prior to treatment we could not go outside on our screened in porch let alone in our yard. Our dogs would go outside for five minutes and come back covered with mosquitoes. Mosquito Man literally gave us our yard back. Upon treatment I have yet to have one mosquito bite and our dogs are mosquito free as well. I would highly recommend this company as they are professional, friendly and consistent.

Robyn F.

We build our business on word of mouth!

Ask about our Loyalty Referral Program!

Mosquito Man proudly supports our local community through giving back!

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