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Commercial Property Treatment


Your business is a place of work and the last you want to worry about is a mosquito or tick infestation. Mosquitoes and other pests on your business place are not only annoying but possess extreme health risks as well. Besides, the reputation of your business may suffer also.

Why worry about mosquitoes and ticks when you can contact Mosquito-Man to solve pest issues in your commercial space? Contact us online or call us at 443-221-6103. We provide residential and commercial services, and we believe in providing our clients with an environment that is safe and bug free.

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Why Choose Mosquito-Man?

As a local, fully licensed and insured company, Mosquito-Man makes customer service our #1 priority while actively providing mosquito and tick protection for our clients.  We can provide you with a clean, safe, and customized solution that suits your requirements. We offer Loyalty Referral Program and ‘Special Events Treatment’ as well.

Pest Control for Commercial properties

Industries We Serve

Commercial properties need to be pest free just as much as our homes do! Our trained technicians have experience treating the following businesses and organizations:

  • Schools

  • Daycare Centers

  • Restaurants

  • Property Management Companies


Truck Mounted ULV Fogging

Mosquito-Man provides large-scale community mosquito spraying. We provide service to any area or size. ULV fogging occurs at night to enable the treatment to use the thermoclines to travel farther distances thereby being more effective.

Mosquito-Man strives to be the best-equipped and most advanced mosquito control company in Maryland. Mosquito control is a comprehensive approach and we are able to assist in all facets of mosquito control. Call 443-221-6103 today to learn more and for your Free Estimate!

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