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  • What kind of notice do I receive before a treatment?
    Mosquito-Man will alert you at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled treatment. Emails will be sent a day before and directly after each treatment is completed. There will also be a yard sign placed on the property entrance. We also have the option for a call ahead the day before and the day of treatment. Please note, you do not need to be home for treatment; however, If you need to reschedule, please call 443-221-6103.
  • Do you guarantee service?
    Mosquito-Man does guarantee your service! No service can offer protection from every mosquito and tick; however, you will notice that the presence of mosquitos and ticks is enormously reduced. If you are still experiencing a high volume of activity, Mosquito-Man will offer a re-spray within reasonable notice post initial treatment.
  • How long does it take you to treat for mosquitos and ticks?
    From start to finish, it takes our team anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete a treatment. Timing is based on your service areas.
  • Do I need to be home for the treatments?
    No, you do not need to be present for the treatment. After your treatment, you will receive an email to let you know that service has been rendered.
  • Does Mosquito-Man spray on the weekends?
    Mosquito-Man sprays during normal business hours Monday through Friday with the exception of special events.
  • What kind of treatments are available?
    Mosquito-Man offers treatment options to fit your needs–including seasonal & one time options, as well as synthetic, all natural & spray-free solutions. Learn more about our solutions and treatment programs by visiting Our Solutions page. If you are planning for a special event, learn more about Special Event Treatments and request a quote.
  • What kind of products does Mosquito-Man use?
    Mosquito-Man utilizes commercial grade, synthetic products and sprays for our treatments. Customers interested in a natural solution can also taken advantage of our organic, oiled-based products, as well as the IN2CARE traps to help repel mosquitos!
  • What are you treating with perimeter protection?
    The Perimeter Protection Program is designed to help control mosquitoes using either synthetic or eco-friendly treatments. The “perimeter protection” method consists of spraying any and all foliage in your service area or yard, treating with a backpack fogger from the knee and up 6ft. We offer this service as a one time treatment or as a regularly scheduled service to help protect you & your family the entire season!
  • Does Mosquito-Man offer natural options and how do they compare?
    Yes, we do! We offer both spray & spray-free options that are eco-friendly. Mosquito Perimeter Protection Program: For all of our organic services, we use 2 oil-based products. One is Rosemary & Thyme dominant, the other is 99% Garlic. During Application, we alternate the 2 products to ensure the mosquitoes in your areas do not built up a tolerance to this scent-based deterrent method. We GUARANTEE this service when combined with our IN2CARE program. IN2CARE Program: We place 3 or more stations on your property, in a discreet fashion during your installation service. These stations are treated every 21 days when we come out to spray as well. Visit this link to Learn more about how this eco-friendly tool works on all properties.
  • How long after the first treatment will it take for mosquitos to disappear?
    Directly after your service, there will be an immediate decline in the mosquitos on your property. After 24-48 hours you will have an even greater reduction in the mosquito activity on your property. As the mosquitos go through their behavior cycle on your property, more will be affected by our treatment.
  • How long does the treatment last?
    Treatment usually last up to 3 weeks at which point your trained technician will perform your next treatment.
  • How long before I can go in the yard after it has been sprayed?
    There is an hour-long waiting period for the product to completely dry and be active on the foliage. Once dried you can return to any regular use of the area. if it is an exceptionally humid day, it is best to wait up to 2 hours!
  • What if it rains after my yard has been treated?
    On days of predicted rain we try not to treat, however, so long as the product has had time to dry there should be not affect on the active ingredients meant to deter mosquitos. We use a surfactant in our mixture to ensure rain at any point after treatment does not affect the customer experience. There is always an uptick in visible flying insects directly after a rain, so give the product a full cycle (24 hrs) to work.
  • Does Mosquito-Man offer One Time Treatment or Special Event Treatment?
    Yes, with enough notice, Mosquito-Man will gladly treat your yard, venue or outdoor space with one time treatment. This is a great option for both small & large parties, backyard BBQ's and outdoor weddings & functions. Learn more on our Special Events Treatment page.
  • How much does it cost?
    Cost of treatment depends on service frequency, treatment solutions and property size. We offer both one time treatment, as well as regularly scheduled service. For a free over-the-phone estimate, please call 410-403-0102. We also offer free, on-site, no obligation consultations.
  • Tell me more about Mosquito-Man's payment plan.
    Please review info including the questions that are bold below... Do you have a mail-in or call-in payment option as well? Mosquito-Man offers an easy-to-use & convenient, online Customer Portal. After signing up for a customer account, customers can: enroll in Autopay with a credit card on file. You can call to add this payment method or do it online within the Customer Portal submit one time payments online through the Customer Portal access upcoming services request one time service request an estimate make adjustments to your Mosquito-Man renewal

Don't see what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us by sending a form or by calling to speak a team member. When you're ready to 'Take Back Your Yard,' call for your free estimate at 443-221-6103.

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