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Pest Control Solutions

serving Central Maryland & surrounding areas 

Pest Control Solutions
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Comprehensive Solutions

include varying levels of preventative coverage targeting pests, mosquitoes & ticks for 12 months protection. Choose the right solution for your home below & learn more about add-on services for specific pests.

Diamond Pest Protection

  • Guaranteed Quarterly Preventative Visits

  • Mosquito & Tick Coverage April through October (up to 1/2 acre)

  • Two In2Care Stations– eco-friendly!

Target 20+ Pests

Our Preventative Visits

Including: Ants* • Centipedes • Crickets • Clover Mites • Cockroaches* • Beetles • Box Elder • Earwigs • Fleas • Lacewings • Mealy Bugs • Mice • Midges • Millipedes • Mosquitos • Moths • Pill Bugs • Spiders • Silverfish • Spring Tails • Stink Bugs • Ticks • Weevils

Pharaoh, fire & harvester ants and german cockroaches are excluded from targeted pests included in your quarterly visits, but can be treated for as an add-on service, if needed.

Add-On Pest Services

A more targeted approach may be needed in certain circumstances and for certain pests. If you have issues with a specific pests, schedule an estimate or call us today to see how Mosquito Man can help!

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What to Expect

Your technician will start with an exterior inspection sweep of the property while removing cobwebs as they make their way around the home–noting any voids in foundation, siding, excessive garage door gaps (under & around doors) and insect activity.  Upon completion of the inspection, the technician will use Mosquito Man intrusion control tools and recommendations to seal all necessary areas (up to 2 inch gaps).

Upon completion of the exclusion portion of the service the technician will perform the initial perimeter treatment and dispatch of the rodent stations, if applicable.

Each general pest, return visit will include: Cobweb Removal, Rodent Bait Station check and replenishment of baits, as necessary & if applicable, Perimeter Treatment and Spot Treatment. Serviced On stickers will be updated & places on IN2Care & Rodent Stations.

Get started with a free estimate by calling 443-952-PEST (7378).

What to Expect

Mosquito & Tick Only Solutions

We offer synthetic & spray-free solutions to control mosquito & tick activity in your yard. Learn more about our treatment services and request a free estimate!

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